Nursery, P1 & P2

Parents/carers in Nursery, P1 & P2 can drop their child off at their classroom/Nursery.  Parents/carers must then leave the playground immediately. Parents/ carers must physically distance at all times and leave school doors clear.

P3- P7

For now, parents/carers are not allowed into the playground in the morning.  Staff will supervise the gate and will help any pupils that need support to get to their class. Appropriate signage will be in place to direct children to their classroom.


P1 – P2

Parents/carers can enter the playground from 2.40pm (12.05pm on a Friday) and physically distance outside their child’s class.  Children will be handed over to parents/carers.  Parents/carers must leave the school grounds immediately.

P3 – P4

Parents/carers can enter the playground from 3.10pm (12.20pm on a Friday) to collect their child from outside their child’s classroom (or pupils can make their own way home if you let us know this is the case).  While waiting, parents/carers must physically distance from other adults, at all times.

P5 – P7

At the end of the day, pupils can go home independently or meet parents/carers outside the school gates.  Parents/carers must physically distance from other adults. 

Staff will be in the playground to help and support children and families at the start and end of the school day.

A one way system for the gate into the Echline estate will be in operation from Monday 24th August.

Parents who are permitted into the playground should enter by the gate closest to the hill (where the slide is located) and exit via the gate near the nursery.  

Please wait if the path is busy and you are unable to maintain 2m physical distancing.  This will be kept under continual review and further changes will be made if necessary. 

Please exit the playground as soon as your child has entered the building. 



For information about the services for children, young people and families provided by the City of Edinburgh Council visit the Bright Futures blog.