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Primary 6 Vat Run

This morning, primary 6 pupils went down to the Vat Run where some of us cycled and some of us made a camp fire. Here are some pictures from the morning.

At the end of the morning we had some team building activities. Thanks to Mrs Mercer for her fire pit skills!

We will do it all again tomorrow with both groups swapping activities. (The chocolate bananas were especially yummy!)

P7 First Aid Workshops

All P7s were lucky to have the opportunity to have a visit from Sarah from the British Red Cross yesterday. In the workshops they learned how to help someone who is unconscious. First you have to check if they are responsive and if not, you then have to check if they are breathing. If they are breathing, you roll them onto their side and lift up their head to open their airways. If they are not breathing, we learned the technique to deliver chest compressions until the emergency services arrive.

These are vital skills that could help us in an emergency situation. Sarah also taught us the first rule of first aid – always keep yourself safe first!