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New House Captains

Congratulations to the new House Captains who will take up their new role in August! Thank you so much to the current House Captains for all their hard work in doing such a great job this year!

Inchcolm (Green) – Jordan Fenton and Rowan Veitch handing over to Holly Evans and Eva Blair

Inchgarvie (Red) – Katherine Shaw and Euan O’Rourke handing over to Rachel Smith and Jemma Harris

Inchkeith (Yellow) – Rebecca Leask and Cieran Johnson handing over to Zak McLaren and Freya Ridgway

Inchmickery (Blue) – Sadie Ford and Adem Kayahan handing over to Caitlin Stewart and Ciara Morris

The VAT Run

Primary 6 went to The VAT Run on Wednesday and Thursday to do some outdoor learning.

Half of the pupils took bikes while the other half learned to make a campfire, then we swaped on the second day. Everyone loved riding around the bike trails and cooking bananas and chocolate over the fire.

We also played team games which were really fun. Both days were fantastic fun!

P6/7’s Excellent Eco Week

Day 3

On Wednesday we did our maths trails and natural art with P4 (see previous post) and we visited Echline Community Woodland. We read in the woods and thought about whether it made reading more enjoyable than usual (or not!). The P6s and P7s had their cross country races and well done to Jemma in our class who won the P6 girls race!

Day 4

On Thursday morning, we had orienteering with Roger. He taught us how to read a map and how to use dibbers and checkpoints in an orienteering course. Well done to Jemma and Rachel S who got the fastest times on both the 5 and 10 course, and Holly and Caitlin who got the fastest time on the 15 course! We made healthy snacks on Thursday (either a wrap or a kebab) and we created our own adverts for them, using features of advertising we discussed. We also got a session of yoga with Susannah.

Day 5

To round off this fabulous week, we got a session of Ultimate Frisbee with Mr Moir. Our class really enjoyed this and were inspired to play again in PE. Thank you to Mr Moir for teaching us how to play this new sport!

Huge thank you to Miss Marshall for organising this whole week for everyone at Echline! We have had a brilliant time!

P6/7’s Excellent Eco Week (so far)

Day 1

On Monday 29th May, it was Sports Day for some of the class and Interscholastics for others.  Some of the activities were hammer throw, skipping race, football dribble and shot put.  During Sports Day the House Captains sold coffee and tea and Scottish snacks to parents that came to watch their children participate in the activities at Sports Day.

At Interscholastics, some of the P6s and P7s got to take part in different track and field events, competing against other schools in Edinburgh.  Ewan and Sadie got a bronze medal in their events which were cricket ball throw and long jump.  Everybody else did well in their events too!


Day 2

On Tuesday 30th May we went on the inflatable assault course.  It was very fun and we did it in 2 teams.  We got 2 houses paired up and they competed against each other to see who won.  We also did football with Steven and we did dribbling and toe taps.  We played a coconut challenge and had fun.  We made smoothies today with Adam and Ross from Sustrans.  We didn’t just make ordinary smoothies, we made them with a smoothie bike!  If you pedalled faster the blender got faster.  Miss Dickson judged our smoothies and group 1 won the best looking smoothie and group 4 won the best tasting smoothie.  Despite feeling very tired, we did dance with Lana where we learned 3 different dances.  In addition to that, we did spelling with chalk outside and had lots of fun.  Finally, we did a Leaky Bucket Challenge with P4 where we had carry water in a small plant pot to a bigger plant pot without it leaking.

We can’t wait for tomorrow!

By Jemma, Gracie, Adem, Ciaran G, Ewan, Matthew, Ben R and Luis

(Photos to follow)