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P6 Community Litter Pick

On Friday 8th December, Clean Ferry helped us to organise and carry-out a community litter pick in our local area – South Queensferry.

David McGuinness, from Clean Ferry, met us at Binks Car Park, where we found litter in the bushes and amoungst the rocks. Then we went to the VAT Run and cleared the litter there too. We felt really good because we were being eco-friendly by keeping our community clean.

Our message to everyone is:



Book Week Scotland

From Monday 27th November to Friday 1st December we celebrated Book Week Scotland. We read lots of interesting texts, made our own books, went on a Book Treasure Hunt, completed a Book Personality Quiz, listened to the author Amy Beatson read her book ‘The Creeps’ and questioned the owner of Linlithgow book shop ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’. What a week?! It was so much fun and it inspired us to be even more creative than usual during our Literacy lesson. We love books!

P6 and 7 Show

On Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd November, all of the Primary 6s and Primary 7s performed their Show ‘Come Fly With Me’. The audiences were huge and everyone loved the Show. It was a fantastic experience that we will never forget!

Children In Need

Well done to everyone for dressing up today and donating your £1 for such a worthwhile cause. You all looked fantastic!

Thank you very much to everyone who baked for the bake sale and who came along to buy something. I think we have all had plenty of treats today!

Finally a big well done to the House Captains for organising and running our Children In Need morning. Our total at the moment is a brilliant £800!! The final total will be revealed next week!

Rania’s Greek Visit

On Friday 13th October P6, P6/7 and P7 had a lovely visit from Rania, Athena’s (in P2) mum.  She came in to teach us about Greece which links to our countries and continents topics.  She helped us understand that not all Greek people nowadays believe in Greek Gods.  She also told us some magestic stories!  Here are some of the most interesting things we learned from Rania:

  • Greek people drink lots and lots of coffee
  • In the olden days, the women couldn’t go to the markets or go to the Olympic games
  • The story of Daedalus and Icarus
  • The story of Theseus and the Minotaur
  • Half the Greek population live in the capital city, Athens
  • 1,600 islands to choose from – they are spoilt for choice!
  • Greek people don’t just have birthdays – they also have name days
  • Olive oil is used for lots of different things
  • Rania grew up in Athens and she spoke in Greek for us!

Thank you so much to Rania for coming in today to talk to us all!

Written by Arianna, Ellie, Jessica, Fintan, Emily, Helen, Issy and Freya (P6/7)