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Inspired Artwork!

After viewing and discussing the artwork of Steven Brown – a Kilmarnock born artist – P6 felt inspired to create their own colourful pieces.
P6 started by emulating Steven’t famous McCoo paintings, by using pastels and chalks on black paper. The results were spectacular!

P6 then celebrated Scots Week by applying what they had learned from the previous lesson to create unique artwork of iconic Scottish images.

Wicked Weaving!

While learning about the Jacobites, we investigated what life was like in the past. We found out that during the 1700s people in the Highlands used wool to weave blankets and clothes. Then we decided to try some weaving of our own – it was fun, but tricky!

1719 – P6 and P7 Show

On Wednesday 16th January, we performed our show ‘1719’ along with The Scottish Opera.

We were the Jacobites in the show so we got to wear costumes with tartan plaids and bonnets.

The show was performed twice: 1.30pm and 2.30pm. Both performances went really well, but the second performance was even better than the first because we had a very large audience. Everyone tried their best and enjoyed putting actions to the songs. It was the most fabulous event that everyone will remember for a long time!

Green Flag Celebration Ceremony

On Tuesday 4th December, Echline celebrating being awarded the Green Flag Status by Eco-Schools (part of the Keep Scotland Beautiful Charity).

The Eco Committee from 2017/18 worked extremely hard to achieve this prestigious award and created a video to illustrate the hard work they had put into making Echline as Eco friendly as possible. The video was shown at the Green Flag Ceremony, which the whole school attended.

The new Eco flag was paraded around the school – cheered on by every class, then raised after all the pupils said the school’s Eco Code. Everyone was so excited to see the flag flying high and proud of the achievement it stands for. Well done everyone!

This year’s Eco Committee are excited to continue the good work that has been started and bring new eco-friendly ideas and initiatives to the table.