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P2 Learn About Prosthetics

Last Friday we had a very special visitor. Mrs Oakley came to tell us all about prostethic limbs. We had the chance to feel arms and legs and even feet! Then Mrs Oakley took an impression of all of our hands and filled them with plaster of Paris. So today we are taking home fragile packages in our school bags. We have been warned not to throw our school bags down today!


Thanks for coming to visit Mrs Oakley!

P2 Trip to Glasgow Science Centre

Today we had a fantastic trip to Glasgow Science Centre, accompanied by Mr Williamson, Miss Smith and Mrs McGregor. We had time to explore all the floors at the Science Centre, and we attended a workshop all about digestion; learning about what happens when you eat.

Here are some photos from our day out, apologies that many of them are of Miss Bennett’s group, we did try to capture as many children as possible.

It was a super day!


P2 Trip to the Community Woodland

For our final event of Health/ Eco/ Outdoor Learning Week, we took a trip the the Community Woodland. In the morning on Thursday we learned all about the position and function of the human skeleton. When we went to the woodland, we recreated the human skeleton in pairs using sticks and acorns and leaves.

After made our own skeletons, we clubbed together to make a giant nature skeleton. It started after Zach and Ruben found a discarded Christmas tree to use as a head, and the whole class got involved with building it. We found some huge heavy logs to use for the spine and legs, and some excellent team work went into carrying it over to the head.

Miss Bennett and Mrs Mercer were incredibly impressed with the strength and team work exhibited this afternoon! And it was at this point, just as the class was finishing off their AMAZING nature skeleton that Miss Bennett’s phone ran out of battery 😦

What to do? The class wanted a photo with their super creation and so there was nothing for it but to return to school with the whole class in tow to get an iPad. So we rushed back, collected an iPad, swapped Mrs Mercer for Mrs Baillie and hotfooted it back to the woodlands! With only 20 minutes to get to the woodlands, snap the picture and return to school in time for the Bell, the heat was on! We embarked on our mission, and boy, was it worth it! We hope you think so too…

457F1CBC-ABCC-477E-A94E-F93F4E7C9ED86FD787A8-28E9-4BD4-872A-77DC359AA3A52ADFA83E-4245-41F0-933E-8CA7E3E46EADThis was such a fantastic afternoon with so many learning opportunities outdoors in nature.

And if you happened to see us legging it back and forth between the woodland and school, and making that final dash back to school for the bell, then now you know why! It was certainly worth the effort.

P2 Health Week: Massage and Judo

Thursday continued with massage after break, led by Mrs Gould. It was sooooo relaxing!


Afterwards, we felt relaxed, cosy, sleepy and focussed. Jack even said that he enjoyed giving the massage because it felt nice, and the others agreed that it felt good to do something nice for someone else.

And after getting all nice and relaxed, we capitalised on this and went straight into… Judo!

I’m not sure we still felt relaxed after this but it sure was lots of fun!

P2 Health Week: Tuesday

Tuesday was another jam packed day with three taster sessions.

First up, Athletics with Graham! It was another chilly morning but we didn’t let that stop us as we worked on pacing ourselves on longer runs.

Then we moved onto Dance in the gym hall with Beverley. We learned some acro moves and even tried handstands! We then put it all together in a sequence at the end:


And finally, we joined Steven for some football fun:

What an amazing day!

P2 Sports Day


Apologies for the lack of blog posts this term, it has been a very busy few weeks so far but none busier than Health/ Eco/ Outdoor Learning Week!

It kicked off on Monday with Sports Day, an action packed few hours which started in the fog and ended in blazing sunshine.

Here we are, prepped and ready to go:

There weren’t many photo opportunities, but we caught as many as we could:

Next up, the P2 Girls Flat Race:

Then the P2 Boys Race:

Everyone put in lots of effort, it was a crazy few hours but loads of fun. Congratulations again to our flat race winners, Sophia from P2/3 and Harrison G from P2A: