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Village Walk

On Wednesday, P2A went for a walk down to the village with Mrs Preacher and some very kind parent/ family helpers.

We saw lots of different types of houses that we had learned about on Monday, and we walked all the way down to The High street, where we found out what some of the buildings used to be used as. DId you know there used to be a cinema in South Queensferry? Ask us which building it is now!

It was a really fun afternoon, and we’d like to say a big thank you to the kind volutneers who accompanied us on our walk.


Bridges Bridges Bridges

This has been a very exciting week for Echline Primary School and P2 have been learning all about bridges in the run up to our walk over the Queensferry Crossing.

On Monday we got the chance to test out some bridge designs. Working in groups of two and three, we started with a simple beam bridge and tested how many cubes the design could hold. Then we added a new layer and tested again. We did this five times and with each layer we were able to add even more cubes! We also discovered quickly that if we spread the weight over the bridge then it would be able to hold more weight. Our final design was an arch bridge and it could hold loads of cubes- one team managed to balance 20 cubes!

Then on Tuesday we finally got to walk across the bridge. We were really excited all day waiting to get on the bus. and we were a bit confused when our bus took us over the old bridge! But we finally arrived at the Fife side of the bridge and started our walk with Mrs Crawford and Mrs Carty keeping us company.


We were all exhausted by the time we got back to school, but very proud that we got to be a part of history.

P2 Try Football!

Last week we had a special visit from Steven, our Active Schools football coach. He gave us a taster of what to expect at the after school sessions, and we all had a chance to dribble a football round the pitch.

It was tricky keeping the ball under control, but we did a pretty good job… what do you think?

P2 Class Charter

As we have settled back into school, we have been discussing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

We worked in our table groups to decide whether some things were ‘wants’ or ‘needs’,  we liked sorting the cards and trying to guess whether it was something we want or something we need. We really liked working in teams with the people on our table and we got to make a few more friends. Many of us were surprised to learn that you don’t actually need a mobile phone!

We had a class vote to decide the theme of our class charter, the winning theme was… STAR WARS!

We made a video intro to our Class Charter… just like Star Wars! You can see our ‘Rights Wars’ video below:

Rights Wars- Primary 2 Strike Back

We are very proud of our work on our class charter- we chose the rights that were most relevant to us, and discussed how we would respect those rights in school. We also discussed things that adults can do to help respect our rights too. Our signature to the class charter is our chosen Star Wars Character, coloured in by hand.