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Living Eggs Project – Day 9

We are really enjoying having the chicks in our classes. Everyday they are getting bigger and their feathers are really starting to develop. We got to hold the chicks today, it was fantastic. We were all careful not to drop them even when they were really fidgety.

Living Eggs Project- Day 8

We were all excited to see the chicks this morning to see how they had got on over the weekend. Mrs. Hone kindly took them home over the weekend to make sure they were looked after and had food and water. They have grown a lot in the last few days and have even started to develop feathers on their wings. They are extremely active and enjoy chasing each other around the brooder box.

Living eggs project – day 4

Things got very exciting last night, two of our eggs hatched and they were quickly followed by three more this morning. We kept the five chicks in the incubator today until their feathers were fluffy. The other four eggs have some cracks on them so we are hoping we might have some more chicks tomorrow morning.