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Sumdog with p1s

We were we teaching the p1s how to use sumdog this can enhance their maths/digital literacy skills. This also benefits the p7s as they need to mix with people at transitions, it helps the p7s with their confidence and teamwork skills. During this process we helped the p1s log in and out of sumdog also we let them explore sumdogs games, the house and most of all, to use their maths skills. All the p7s hope that helping the p1s with sumdog is a real help for their later career in school and out of school.

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Guardian of the bridges sculpture 

This morning I was fortunate enough to have been invited along to attend the opening ceremony of the new guardian which is situated to the east of south queensferry. Nearly 4 years ago, I ran an afterschool art club for upper school children who are now at secondary school. During some of the sessions, we were fortunate enough to be joined by artist Debbie Ryan who did some sculpture lessons with us. The designs that the pupils came up with have now been placed on the sculpture and they look marvellous! As well as the art club involvement, Mrs Miller’s primary seven class at the time were also involved. I just want to take this opportunity to say well done to those pupils (who are now in 2nd and 3rd year of high school). Please share this with anyone who may have been involved, and do take some time to visit the sculpture in the future. I feel immensely proud of Echline pupils for all of their efforts and hard work involved in the project. Here is a picture of the finished sculpture. 

Mr Williamson.

The Big Pedal Prize Winners!

We helped Mr Williamson sort the Golden Tickets yesterday from the Big Pedal event which took place over the last 2 weeks in March, before the Easter holidays.  Well done to everyone who cycled and scooted to school during that time!

We put the Golden Tickets from each class together and picked winners at random.  Harry Stevens in P2 won the amazing prize of a brand new scooter. The P1 classes were given winner prizes and runner up prizes.  Prizes were given out yesterday to…

P1a – Winner Lachlan and Runner Up Sophia

P1b – Winner Owen and Runner Up Isla

P2 – Erin and Harry Stevens

P2/3 – Curtis

P3 – Jack

P4 – Michael

P4/5 – Sean

P5 – Josh

P6 – Jesscia

P6/7 – Rebecca Y

P7 – Katherine

The best place we got to was 5th in Scotland!  Well done everyone and thank you for taking part in the Big Pedal!

By P6s from P6/7

The Big Pedal!

Well done to everyone so far for all of your efforts in supporting ‘The Big Pedal’! We are currently 6th in Scotland, and 76th nationwide! Please continue to promote cycling and scooting to school over the next 6 days! 

Here are some pictures of all the scooters and bikes!