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Scottish dancing

Primary 1 have been celebrating Burn’s night by learning some Scottish dances. They learned all the steps to the Military two step and then had a go at creating their own Scottish dances. Some of their dances were called “Cupcake Highland Dance”, “The Sweetie Hum” and “Highland Dancing Unicorns”.


Children In Need

Well done to everyone for dressing up today and donating your £1 for such a worthwhile cause. You all looked fantastic!

Thank you very much to everyone who baked for the bake sale and who came along to buy something. I think we have all had plenty of treats today!

Finally a big well done to the House Captains for organising and running our Children In Need morning. Our total at the moment is a brilliant £800!! The final total will be revealed next week!

Using our senses- hearing!

Primary 1 wanted to listen to music for their senses topic. So we explored the sounds that some instuments made and then made our own. We used some things we found outside in our playground and some junk. Every instrument made a different noise. The boys and girls enjoyed playing them quietly, but enjoyed playing very loudly even more!


Using our senses- tasting!

I liked the lemon (Hana). I liked the carrots (Maggie). The lettuce was crunchy (Ethan). The lemon was sour (Melissa). I liked the red salad because it was a little bit crunchy. I liked the lemon because it was super sour and I like sour things (Harry). I liked the lemon the best (Victor). The carrots were scrunchy (Scarlett). I liked the carrot the most (Kaitlyn). I liked the kiwi because it’s yummy (Cameron). I didn’t like the lemon (Stephen).  I liked the mushrooms because they were squashy (Oliver). I didn’t like the mushrooms, I had never tasted them before (Angus C). I liked the lemon because it was sour (Sophia). I tasted something I had never tasted before and that was lemon (Ruaridh). I liked the mushrooms because I had never tried it (Flynn). The brocolli tasted like something I had never tried before, it was crunchy and yummy (Sonny). All of the stuff was my favourite and I likes the brocolli the best (Angus T). I liked the brocolli the best (Sam). The peppers were soft (Murren). I like the kiwi fruit the best, it was a bit sour (Blake).


Halloween Disco

My favourite part was getting all the food (Flynn). We played games (Oliver).  They had disco balls (Hana). I really liked dancing (Harry). It was kind of fun when the people who lost didn’t get sweets and the people who didn’t lose did get sweets, so it was fair (Scarlett).