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Echline raises over £600 for Children in Need!

The House Captains organised a dress down day and book sale in aid of Children in Need. Thank you to all families who donated books for the book sale and for your generous donations which means we have raised over £600 for such a worthy charity!

Well done to the House Captains for organising this for the school and nursery, and for reading the Pudsey story to some of the younger classes this week. Your hard work is much appreciated!

Thanks very much also to Mrs Shaw and Mrs Hinchliffe for coming in for the morning to help out!

Firefighters Visit Echline

Continuing our theme of “People Who Help Us” we organised a visit from the South Queensferry Fire Station. Paul and Ernie, the firefighters, brought their Fire Engine, which they told us is actually called a “Fire Appliance”. They were kind enough to show us all the equipment they carry on the appliance and tell us about some of the jobs they might use the equipment for. Paul explained that once they had even been called to Edinburgh Zoo to help lift a poorly Rhinoceros! Some of the children had the opportunity to sit inside the Fire Appliance, however when the firefighters visited in the morning session, they got called away for a real emergency and the boys and girls had to get off the engine quickly! Finally the firefighters showed us their uniform and the equipment they have to wear on their backs. Paul and Ernie helped Mrs Donald (am session) and Mrs Stirton (pm sesssion) into the uniform to show the children. It was very heavy. The children were so excited to see the firefighters and their Appliance, it made learning about what firefighters do and how and when to contact them, fun and relatable. It also gave us an opportunity to discuss in more detail, what jobs people do. As the children had been so excited about the visit we decided to make some “Fire Appliances” at craft, we then discussed that it would be nice to send Paul and Ernie some of the pictures to say thank you. 

Vegetable Smiles

Today in nursery we had fun with our snack and made Vegetable ‘faces’. First Mrs Stirton (and two helpers from the morning and afternoon children) cut up the vegetables, apples and cheese, ensuring that we washed the fruit and vegetables thoroughly and were careful when using the knives. Next we made an example ‘face’ using all the ingredients. Finally the children were able to come up to snack and make their own faces, using whichever ingredients they liked. This was a fun way to encourage children to try food that they might not have fancied before, whilst encouraging independence and creativity. The children thought it was a great idea and had lots of fun. There were lots of clean plates. Don’t their designs look delicious?

Harvest Soup

In nursery we are currently looking at harvest and autumn time. Both nursery classes have been able to go for a walk around the school grounds and look at the changes to the trees and environment. We hope to go again later in the year to look at how they change further. During story time we have read books such as ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and ‘ The Little Red Hen’ which explore the topic of harvesting wheat and vegetables. The children particularly enjoying pretending to pull up the ‘Enormous Turnip’! Mrs Croan had the fantastic idea of involving the children with the whole process of making vegetable soup and inviting the families along to enjoy it together. The children took a lot of pride in the vegetables that they chose and brought in. They also enjoyed making the invitations to take home to invite everyone to taste the soup. Finally they were all given the opportunity to help prepare the soup. We all very much enjoyed the opportunity to be able to share this with you and would like to thank everyone for their contributions and being able to attend.

Budding Artists

At the start of this term we took the opportunity of having slightly reduced numbers to allow us to go for a walk in the community to have a look at the bridges and to draw what we could see. The children decided which bridge they would like to draw and added the detail that they thought was important. This allowed the children the opportunity to work on fine motor skills and mark making whilst giving opportunity to express themselves creatively. Whilst on the walk we wore high visibility jackets to keep ourselves safe, it gave us lots of opportunity to discuss road safety with the children. When we got back to nursery we were able to use the children’s art work to decorate our wall. Doesn’t it look super?

Bridges Topic

During the months of August and September our topic has been bridges. In craft the children used a range of resources to create pictures of all three bridges that cross the Forth. These pictures were then used to create a lovely wall display (as pictured). The children were also encouraged to use their imagination to create their own bridges from cardboard boxes, big bricks, small bricks and in the water tray. We talked about what can go over bridges and what goes under, giving us a chance to explore positional language. We also read and acted out the story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ which again gave lots of chances to explore bridges whilst expanding vocabulary and recall skills in a fun and engaging way. Finally everyone was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to walk part of the way over the Queensferry Crossing with a parent or guardian accompanying them. We hope you agree that this was a fantastic, enjoyable experience and a great way to round off our topic!