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JRSO event 2017

This morning one of our new Juinor Road Safety Officers, Patrick, attended an event at the city chambers in Edinburgh to mark the launch of road safety in schools for this session. There were lots of different workshops, presentations from other schools and a magic show! Patrick came back to school with lots of new ideas to try out this year in Echline. These ideas will be shared at JRSO and bike crew meetings and then in assembly. 

Here is Patrick with the road safety mascots (the Reducer and Ziggy)! 

P3 Class Charter

Since we came back after the summer P3 have been learning about the Union Convention on the rights of a child.  We have discussed the articles and decided on the ones we feel are important for our class and how pupils and adults can be responsible for each. We had a class vote on the design of our charter and Minecraft won with over half the votes. Have a look at our charter…


Queensferry Crossing

P3 had a great time walking part of the Queensferry Crossing. We were all very excited and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We have been learning about different types of bridges, what they are made from and famous bridges around the world. The people on the bridge were extremely friendly and were able to answer all the questions we had about the bridge to help us with our learning. Take a look at our photos to see how much fun we had.


Bridges Bridges Bridges

This has been a very exciting week for Echline Primary School and P2 have been learning all about bridges in the run up to our walk over the Queensferry Crossing.

On Monday we got the chance to test out some bridge designs. Working in groups of two and three, we started with a simple beam bridge and tested how many cubes the design could hold. Then we added a new layer and tested again. We did this five times and with each layer we were able to add even more cubes! We also discovered quickly that if we spread the weight over the bridge then it would be able to hold more weight. Our final design was an arch bridge and it could hold loads of cubes- one team managed to balance 20 cubes!

Then on Tuesday we finally got to walk across the bridge. We were really excited all day waiting to get on the bus. and we were a bit confused when our bus took us over the old bridge! But we finally arrived at the Fife side of the bridge and started our walk with Mrs Crawford and Mrs Carty keeping us company.


We were all exhausted by the time we got back to school, but very proud that we got to be a part of history.

Hello from P2/3!

Welcome to the Primary 2/3 blog!

Miss Young asked the P2/3’s how their first  few weeks at school was and they said that it wasn’t good…it was great! Yay!

As part of P2/3 we take part in a Daily Mile every day because it keeps us healthy and fit and also it gives us a chance to talk to our new classmates!

We are learning about bridges and we had a great time walking across the Queensferry Crossing on Tuesday.

Keep an eye on our page for more from P2/3!