More Health Eco Outdoor Learning!

On Wednesday we went to the Community Woodland and did lots of activities, such as, getting blindfolded and feeling trees, identifying trees and shurbs, and drawing flowers. We thought it was very fun and enjoyable. In the afternoon we participated in the Cross Country Run and Luke was the fastest P6 boy! Congratulations!

On Thursday, straight after break, we went to a very relaxing yoga session with Susannah. We did orienteering in the afternoon and learned about reading maps, how to use a compass and finding control stations using dibbers. It also included a lot of running about and problem solving. There was a high-tech machine that told you which controls you had visited and the overall time it took to complete the course. The orienteering was very tired but fun.

On Friday we loved using the smoothie bike to make delicious drinks. It was hard work blending the ingredients but good exercise. Miss Marshall tasted them and chose winners. She liked the yoghurt one the best. We also enjoyed learning how to play Ultimate Frisbee outside.

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