Edinburgh Zoo Trip

The whole of P6 enjoyed the trip to Edinburgh Zoo.

We were put into groups and got to see exciting animals. We also learned about living and growing in the Education Centre with Blair and Amy.

We had our lunch there and after we played in the play area for a while.

Everyone got to see strange but funny animals. We learned how different animals live and grow as well as how humans are quite different to animals. The zoo helpers were really nice and helpful.

I asked some people what their favourite animal was, most said monkeys which I personally liked as well. Another animal people liked was the sun bear because they were really cute and fluffy.

Everyone loved the day out, plus we were allowed to go to the shop after! I’m so glad we got to go. I think it was one of the best trip we have ever been on!


dsc_0259 dsc_0239 dsc_0285 img_1285 img_1787 img_1807 img_1766 img_1795 img_1777 img_1792 img_1802 img_1849 img_1853 img_1818 img_1836 img_1823 img_1829

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