P6/7’s Fantastic Fair!

On Friday 2nd December we had a lot of fun raising money for school funds.  We had 9 stalls which were: Guess how many Santas are in the jar, Peppermint Creams, Candy Cane Reindeer, Guess what’s in the Stocking, Gift Tags, Hama Beads, Lucky Hundred Square, Sweetie Santas and Hot Chocolate Reindeers.  We’d like to congratulate Sonny in P4 for guessing the correct number of Santas in the jar which was 93, and in the Lucky Hundred Square, Tomas (P6/7) won first prize, Zak (P6) won second prize and Jack (P6/7) won third prize.  We counted the money we raised and we had to take away our floats and expenses from the total.  We raised an astonishing £225.76!

By Sadie, Cieran J, Jemma, Abbie, Gracie, Holly, Sandy

One thought on “P6/7’s Fantastic Fair!

  1. echline

    Wow, well done everyone! What an marvellous total and so deserved after all of your hard work. You all put in so much effort into creating your products and displayed them beautifully to attract sales. You should feel proud of your achievements.
    Mrs Crawford

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