We thought this information might be helpful after some questions from home.

In a reading lesson at school:
Miss Wood takes 2 groups and the other groups do one of activities from the reading home learning wall.
Sometimes you read, sometimes you do activities.
We take our jotter to reading with Miss Wood so we can share our activity with the group.
We read in different ways – a page, a sentence, a paragraph, as a character in a play etc. We might have read part of the set reading in school so you may just want to carry on at home.
We answer questions about the book.

If you have done a home learning job, you get to share it with the group and talk about it. If you can, try to bring one once a week, if not, try to do it at least once a fortnight. However, you do get the chance to do all of the jobs in school and get feedback on them so if you cannot fit it in, you won’t miss out on doing them.  There are 2 walls, one for fiction, one for non-fiction.


Hope this information helps.
P4 and Miss Wood

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