MoneySense Workshop

Moneysense came to our school and we got to plan and design a birthday party.There was a few stages to this. We had a budget for what we could buy, The budget depended  on the amount of people that you invited to the party,we were given £20 per person to spend.Once you had designed the party you had to answer some questions about it. Our class thought that it was really fun and it helps with your maths because you have to be careful with what your spending.If you went over budget then you would have to take some things away from what you were buying for your party.At the end we got to show our birthday party plans to the class. I would rate it a 5/5.

By Tegan

img_4730 img_4733 img_4727 img_4731 img_4735 img_4737 img_4738 img_4741

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