Google Expeditions 

Google Expeditions visited Echline today! This was an incredibly interesting experience that allowed us to visit Machu Picchu, an area the class have studied for 2 weeks. We used the cardboard headsets and phones, and wherever you turn your head, you see a different part of the image. It really felt like you were there. ​Watch the video to hear the noise of excitement. 

After Machu Picchu we took a quick trip to the moon, went diving with sharks, flew over some volcanoes, climbed 153 floors of the Burj Khalifa and then it was time for lunch. 


One thought on “Google Expeditions 

  1. echline

    How exciting! I wish I could have been there to share this experience with you.
    I know from all of the chat how much you enjoyed the visit from Google Expeditions.
    Mrs Crawford


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