P6/7 Money Sense Workshop with RBS

Last Thursday, visitors from RBS (Paul, Lorna, Janice and Julie) came in to talk to us about spending money wisely and saving money.  We needed to plan a party for Laura, Jamal, Max or Ffion.  We had to spend our money on the venue, food and entertainment.  We had a budget of £20 per person for the whole party.  We had company names and Project Managers:

  • Party People (Rebecca L, Matthew, Ciaran G)
  • Party Poopers (Jemma, Rebecca Y, Sadie, Jack)
  • Party Poppers (Holly, Cieran J, Caitlin, Tomas)
  • Party House (Ewan, Luis, Jake, Kirstie, Gracie)
  • Dr Poppers (Abbie, Rachel S, Ben R, Jasmin)
  • Potato Party Planners (Sandy, Ben H, Rachel M)

Our visitors judged our pitches and the winning company was… Dr Poppers!  Well done to everyone.

By P6/7

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