P6 Enjoy Google Expeditions

Today Google Expedition came in to our school and it was AMAZING!

First we felt like we were in the sea, it was very fun and quite scary too.Then there were sharks and there was a cute turtle at one point, there were lots of scuba divers in one scene. We learned that a whale shark is the biggest fish specie right now and they can measure up to the same length as a school bus.

When we saw the whip spider everyone was alrmed but excited at the same time. It was white with a wee bit of black too. I was quite scared and i didn’t think i would be as frightend as i was!

On our second last expidition it was very scary because i felt like i was about to fall and i fell over!! We went to Machu Picchu which are ruins in Peru.We learned that the Machu Picchu was 3300ft tall and it takes 5 days to walk there.

Finally our last expidition was out of this world, no litrally out of this world, we went to the moon and saw Neil Armstrong and a moon rover. We learned that there was a flag on the moon and there was red soil on some bits of the moon.

The class loved it, it was amazing!

By Michael

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