A journey through space

P2/3 had a fantastic time on our trip to Dynamic Earth last Thursday. Have a look at the photos to see all the exciting things we got up to. Some of our favourite activities included travelling on a time machine, touching polar ice, feeling the effects of a volcano, the showdome and our journey through space workshop. In the workshop we went on a trip to the moon. We found out about all the things astronauts need when they go into space and we even got to see what the food is like they eat in space. We also found out about the sun, moon and stars. The trip was a really interesting and enjoyable experience and a great way to kick start our new topic this term. Thank you to the parent helpers who came along to help with the trip.

img_0959 img_0961 img_0964 img_0965 img_0968 img_0970 img_0977 img_0978 img_0980 img_0981 img_0982 img_0983 img_0984 img_0985 img_0986 img_0987 img_0988 img_0989 img_0990 img_0992 img_0994 img_0995 img_0996 img_0997 img_0998 img_0999 img_1003 img_1013 img_1015 img_1016 img_1017 img_1019 img_1027 img_1030 img_1033 img_1034

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