P6/7’s Feedback on New Home Learning

We were asked by the Pupil Council to have a think about our new Home Learning format.  The feedback was very positive and here are some of the children’s responses:

What kind of tasks do you enjoy for Home Learning?

  • Tasks that give me a challenge
  • Being creative
  • Doing extra research linked to IDL topic
  • Sumdog
  • Drama because you can do it with friends and it can be fun


How is the new Home Learning better than before?

  • You get more free choice in it
  • I like how you get to choose your own spelling words and how many
  • I like the folders to put all your stuff in
  • The name is better
  • You get to do fun things that we never got to do last year


What is the purpose of Home Learning?

  • To revise learning in school
  • You learn things in the way that suits you best
  • To get a full education
  • To keep our brains engaged
  • To help you with your learning


Miss Dickson is enjoying seeing the children so engaged with their learning and eager to share tasks!  We hope parents are enjoying the new format too.

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