Start of Primary 7

Overall the things that have gone well so far in Primary 7 are:

  • Debating – as it has helped us learn how to argue respectfully and stand up for your beliefs.
  • The use of Plickers has gone well as people can say their opinions without their Peers knowing. It is like a closed vote every day in the class.
  • Reading has started well for some because people who did not enjoy reading are developing a love for books and other texts.
  • Slow Writing has gone well because it really made us think about what we wanted to add in to our writing.
  • We think that homelearning is good because it gives us a choice and we are actually doing more than we would have done before.

Overall the things we want to improve are:

  • We would like to do more technology such as film making, coding and using ipads. We are looking forward to all of this happening in P7.
  • We would like to do more traditional art in the class.
  • We would like to look for more opportunities to go outdoors for our learning.

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