Health/Eco/Outdoors Week

This week started off having our Sports’ Day. On sports’ day we played loads of games including Hockey, Sprinting, skipping races and Volleyball. After all this exhausting work we had a snack to return for the flat races, cross-country and relay races. Firstly we had the flat races from P1 to P5. They were very exciting and eventful races. Next we had the relay from classes  P4 to P7. We raced in our castles as usual and the red castle won all four races. After the relay we had a cross country and after that we had medal ceremony where all the relay racers recieved their medals. Shortly after that sports’ day was over.

On Tuesday we had a fencing taster and we learned the basics of fencing. We learned how to stand properly, and we also learned how to attack and defend. After that we had a couple of games against each other which was amazingly fun.

For Maths this week, we have been learning outside using compass points to navigate other people to a certain destinations. On Wednesday, we did a speed test where we estimated how long we could travel differently round the football pitch. After we got the real time on a stopwatch, we found the difference between our estimation and our actual time.

On Thursday we had a tasters session playing American football. We learned the basics of catching the ball and movement off the ball. Also, we did some defensive work. That includes staying on your man without touching him. The time we had with Tom was fun and we hope to do it again.

Also on Thursday we had tons of fun jumping and racing on the inflatable assault course. We were split into two teams and raced against our friends.

Also, as part of Health week, we decided to make our own healthy snacks. We had all sorts of friut and vegetables to create the snacks. We also had cheese and salsa to make them. We had the choice of wraps or skewers. As we were divided into three groups, the two groups who weren’t making our snacks got to make posters advertising our snacks. After everyone had made their snacks, we got to eat them. Everyone thought they tasted really good.

On the final day we enjoyed a taster session of football.

Ben, Gregor, Aaron, Rory D, Jordan and Louisa