Games Design Week Overview

Primary 5 and Primary 4/5 have had an incredibly busy week preparing to show the games they have made in their teams.

On the run up to the final day’s challenge to show off their game in an exhibition, we had the teams hard at work making and preparing art materials for their game and for their advertising efforts.

Some of the teams at work and their art and promotional material work:

IMG_3107 IMG_3100 IMG_3175

IMG_3101 IMG_3177 IMG_3178

IMG_3096 IMG_3097 IMG_3098

We were also working with Scratch to make the games in question.

IMG_3117 IMG_3116 IMG_3115 IMG_3114 IMG_3102 IMG_3099

Friday was the big day, with each team strenuously promoting their game throughout the exhibition on top of all the effort they had put in that week. We had Primary 4 and Primary 6 in to vote on Best Game and Best Advertising so all hands were on deck to get those votes and to show off their work. Some teams were tracking high scores, getting feedback from their players or offering freebies in the form of sweets and artwork, all in an effort to keep their game in the minds of the voters!

We had visitors with games-making and video games industry experience in to judge the games for a Judges’ Choice Award and offer advice to the teams. A photographer from the South Queensferry Gazette came along so expect to see more in the local newspaper too!

IMG_3134 IMG_3130 IMG_3129 IMG_3128 IMG_3127 IMG_3125 IMG_3126  IMG_3146 IMG_3147 IMG_3149  IMG_3155 IMG_3172IMG_3152 IMG_3151 IMG_3132 IMG_3158    IMG_3159IMG_3131 IMG_3154

We had Mrs Crawford and others trying out the games in addition to our guests!

IMG_3160 IMG_3156 IMG_3161 IMG_3162 IMG_3163

Some were rather excited by the advertising, the prizes they won or their scores on the games they tried!

IMG_3141 IMG_3150 IMG_3143

Primary 2/3 also came along to try out the games and though they didn’t vote on them they had fun playing them.

IMG_3170 IMG_3171

The announcements: Please click on the hyperlinks for video.

Popular vote: Best Game

Popular vote: Best Advertising

The Judges’ Feedback and Judges’ Choice.

At the end of it all, the children were able to play Mutiny, a game in progress to official release, as well as try out the Occulus Rift on the day as a small bonus to all their hard work! All in all a fantastic end to a week filled with creativity, teamwork, grit, resilience, effort and hard work!

IMG_3169 IMG_3174 IMG_3173

Thanks go to everyone who helped make this happen, not least of all the children of Primary 5 and Primary 4/5.

Special thanks to Erin Mercer, Will Wright and Andrew Knight for taking the time to come in and judge the games as well as give advice to the children.

Thanks to the South Queensferry Gazette for sending along a photographer to cover the event.

Additional thanks to Andrew Knight for coming in several times during the week to help out in both classes in preparing for Friday.