Primary 4/5 Retrospective: International Week

As we come to the end of the year, we are starting to look back on all that we have been doing. Before we had our new and shiny Echline website, Primary 4/5 were enjoying their school time on a host of activities during International Week…

Jack approves of bracelet making with beads.

Thumbs up!


Highlights included bracelet making, dancing, drumming, clay mask making and food tasting. We had some interesting discussions on the food tasting session with the P4, P4/5 and P5 children working together to experience elements of Kenyan culture!

Enjoy this spread of photographs of some of the highlights the week!

 IMG_0131IMG_0191 IMG_0190 IMG_0189 IMG_0194  IMG_0195IMG_0197IMG_0141 IMG_0144IMG_0148 IMG_0159IMG_0147