Eco, Health and Outdoor Week

We have had a very busy week! We made (and ate) a delicious fruit salad and took part in the whole school picnic. Athletics and Archery were great fun – Jessica got a bulls-eye! We went to the wooded area in the playground and used our senses of smell, sight and hearing. We practised our number bonds in the cone grid game. As part of our Eco topic on Transport, we carried out a traffic survey and recorded the different types of vehicles which go past. The most common was the car – 55 went past in 15 mins!

P1010076  P1010074  P1010082  P1010083  P1010043  P1010045  P1010047  P1010048  P1010061  P1010063  P1010065  P1010040  P1010039  P1010080  P1010077  P1010073  P1010072