The dark night for the hedgehog

BANG!!!!!!What had happend?Suddenly John the hedgehog dad had a tear drop crawling down his pricks,his most beloved daughter was dead yes DEAD,Also their home had been dug out by the most hideous hunters,John was the best Dad by far to all of his family,Then another tear fell down his pricks,Some seconds later he went for a walk,VROOM!!!!!!A car nearly flattened Him,He was absolutely terrified,then the car slowed down and the person in the car went and looked.CRASH!thunder ilumineted the dark night sky!!!!!Suddenly John ran off the road the person in the car was one of the hunters.BANG!!!BANG!!!BANG!!!Ginourmas bullets came out of the double-barreled gun,Suddenly john ran to the nearest mud patch then he squeaked to himself.RUN!!!RUN!!!RUN!!!At this time he was like a fox digging for survival,Then John heard a phone ring,oh no the hunter was calling his friends To come and kill him,5 minutes later there was a deafening sound 3 cars were pulling in then doors closed,Suddenly there was BANG!!!!BANG!!!!BANG!!!!BANG!!!!BANG!!!!

By Rory b
This is a 168 word story

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