Welcome to the new website, P4!

We have been working hard so far this year and have been very busy in January! We are very pleased to have Mr Clark working with us and really enjoyed Scots week.  Everyone learned a Scots poem and did really well reciting it.  Well done to Luke Collins and Jessica Robertson (our Gold and Silver medal winners) for their excellent performances!

This week, we have been practising dividing in Maths and have just started a unit of work on Fractions.  In Literacy, we have just finished our class novel, The Twits.  We enjoyed doing follow up work to this and listening to ‘The Eejits’ in Scots too.   In Science, we have learned lots more about Electricity and have enjoyed doing experiments to find out more.  We have been thinking about our Emotions and how they make us feel so that we are more equipped to deal with different situations.  In RME, we have thought about how the world was created.  We have linked this to our learning in Music this week where we worked on some Hindu Music and Dance.

We are looking forward to starting our ‘Scottish Wars of Independence’ topic soon!

What a busy class we are!                                       P1030556 P1030559 P1030600