P6 To The Observatory

On  the 24th of November P6 went to the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh it took the whole day!!!!When we first came in on the morning we went straight to the bus and drove there it took about 45 minutes.It was on top of a very steep hill,as we went in we put our lunch away and went up to the top of the main dome it was a long winding staircase as we got to the top we saw a telescope and we got told exactly how it worked using mirrors and things (it was very complicated) it used prisms to shine light through apparently that can help to see how old stars are what their made of and how big they are (I don’t know how)

After that we went into the education room and got given a power point about  meteors wich are big bits of rock that have fallen of stars and  float through space very quickly, meteorites are only when meteors land on earth and are like rocks. Asteroids are big pieces of snow and ice hurtling through space.Comets are just bigger pieces of rock in space but not big enough to be counted as dwarf planets like pluto.

Then we had to make our own rockets and use a bottle and stamp on it to try to launch them to the “moon” (a painted circle with fake craters) I came about 6th or 7th but it was a very very fun day.


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