The Nutcracker by Echline

This year at Echline we have decided on doing the Nutcracker for our christmas concert.  Mrs Burden has organised it so that all classes from P3-P7 have a scene. P3 are doing the fight between the mice and the soilders P4 are doing the land of sweets P4/5 are going the land of snow. P5 are doing dances from the diffrent countries P6 are doing the toys coming to life and P7 are doing the party at Clara’s house. The P1 & 2 are doing a nativity play.

The Actual story has lots of different variations but this variation is Echlines, as this is our own twist!So our story starts with Clara (Sarah P7) she has a party on christmas eve and she is allowed to open one present from her Uncle,she unwraps a nutcracker

She loves her nutcracker and takes it to bed with her she has a dream the nutcracker is leading an army against an army of rats. After that the nutcracker takes her to a land of snow, her toys come alive and she is taken to a land of sweets. Next she sees a land of dances from different countries an then she wakes up.

Hope to see you at our show we have had fun making it hope you enjoy.

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